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SEEK out success - LEAP toward positive change - REACH life goals! Our company provides a dynamic veteran speaker, webinars, and workshops on empowerment solutions to overpower trauma for positive life change.


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Upgrade from a free THRIVERsquad Membership to the THRIVERsquad Premium Membership (PMs). THRIVERsquad Members and PMs enter the realm of full support in determination and intentionality for experiencing life success in wellness and balance. Members will receive a monthly newsletter filled with inspirational quotes, business tips, monthly challenges, and wellness ideas. Premium Members (PMs) receive the newsletter and have access to LIVE interactions with Taniki in closed group conversations. PMs receive new podcast episode alerts. PMs receive first notifications about upcoming registered guest events and where Taniki will be speaking. PMs receive special discounts on JT Inspire events, products, and services. Members and PMs will be sent a Welcome Email with a step-by-step description on how to immediately get started, receive full-fledged encouragement and how to take advantage of all their membership perks! As a thank you gift for signing up, enjoy the FREE eBook download!

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Member will receive weekly inspirational messages, invitations to upcoming events and notice about new podcast episodes.

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THRIVERsquad Membership

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